Innovative high-frequency solutions for individual applications

IMS Connector Systems is an international technology company specialising in the development and manufacture of high-frequency connection equipment. Its product assortment comprises a wide selection of coaxial HF plug connectors, customised coaxial cable systems, HF test switches, HF antenna switches, test adapters and test cables, battery contacts and antennae for mobile devices.

In addition to this, IMS Connector Systems has a wealth of expertise and experience in the research and development sector, and offers its clients customer-specific HF solutions for their individual applications.

The range of IMS Connector Systems includes the innovative quick-lock connectors QLS and SnapN, as well as the recently developed MedEasyLock medical plug connectors. For the automotive industry, IMS Connector Systems offers its own SMBA plug connector series, which complies with the FAKRA plug connector standard.



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