For highly reliable connections - even under extreme conditions

High reliability under extreme environmental conditions are the salient characteristic of Nicomatic’s products. Without additional costs, Nicomatic offers all conceivable mixed contact layouts in the board to board, board to wire and wire to wire categories, giving you the freedom to choose between high-frequency and heavy-current contacts, contacts for optical fibre cables and signal contacts in all kinds of arrangements. The connectors available include conventional circuit board contact connections, SMD connections, press fit and crimp connections.

Nicomatic plug connector systems have been developed for the aviation, defence technology and measurement, control and regulation industries as well as for transportation systems, with applications that include IFES, HUDs, monitoring systems, radar systems, mobile phone, power supplies, industrial computers and engine monitoring. Nicomatic’s versatile products are likewise used in medical applications, in telecommunications and industrial applications generally. Nicomatic is notable for its extreme flexibility and supreme quality, from development right through to production.


High performance micro-connectors
CRIMPFLEX® Connectors for flexible circuits and FFC cables
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