Industrial electronics is one of the biggest and so also one of the most important of our sales areas when it comes to plug connection products. The greater part of our product range in fact finds a use in industrial applications. Print connectors, I/O plug connectors, IC sockets, backshells, circular connectors, fibre optic plugs, optoelectronic and electromechanical components – to mention just a few examples of our assortment. Precimation believes in innovation, quality and reliability – all of which we can guarantee to give you as a result of our close and intensive partnership with leading manufacturers in this sector. 3M, Conec, FCI, Sunbank, Nicomatic, Pancon, Preci-Dip, Radiall, Ratioplast, Schaltbau and Souriau Connectors are just a selection of the partners we work with in order to supply you with the best product and most successful solution for all your needs in this applications area.