Connectors, as individual as your application

Ratioplast is a company with tradition when it comes to plug connectors and mould making. 
Ratioplast is a manufacturer of innovative and top-quality electromechanical components. We specialise in the design, development and production of plug connectors in different rasters, shapes and sizes. 

We can offer you plug connectors that are as individual as the application itself. As we have our own production works, mould making facilities and a wide assortment of all kinds of plug connectors and optoelectronic components, we are well able to realise the requirements of our customers successfully in many different areas. Components like IC sockets, and a very wide range of print connectors for use in automotive, medical and industrial technology, are made and marketed by Ratioplast in first-class quality and at competitive prices.



Board and Wire Connectors
Battery holder
RCA-, DC- and. Earphone Jacks
USB / Mini USB / Micro USB
DIN / Mini DIN sockets
D-Sub Connectors
DVI connectors
Modular Jacks and Plugs
Fiber Optic Cables and Connectors
Fiber Optic Tools
Fiber Optic Accessories