Our partner for highly reliable interconnection solutions

SOURIAU develops, produces and markets high-performance connections and highly reliable connection solutions for extreme environmental conditions in the context of aviation and space travel, the armaments industry, rail technology, heavy industry (nuclear energy, oil and gas) as well as in all other industrial application areas. SOURIAU is represented all over the world, with research and development centres and production works in Europe, the USA, Japan and India. Precimation has relied on its partnership with Souriau for more than 30 years, resulting in a large fund of expertise and – still more importantly – a very close working relationship.

A large part of the range supplied by Souriau consists in its wide range of different kinds of circular connector. Circular connectors for practically all application areas guarantee the secure transmission of your data, output and signals, being obtainable with many different connections. Souriau guarantees to provide you with flexible end solutions in the area of plug connectors that are customised to your requirements. With well-known product series like the Trim Trio connectors from Souriau, the company offers connection solutions for your individual application which conform to strict standards like MIL-C 26482, MIL-C 38999 and VG 96912. Having enjoyed more than three decades of partnership with Souriau Connectors, Precimation can offer you a broadly based assortment of plug connections. Whether you are interested in the standard range or in a customised solution, with Souriau as our partner we can guarantee that you will find the ideal design and solution for your application.


Circular / Rectangular Connectors
Filter Connectors
MIL DTL 38999 Series platform
Hermetic Connectors
Fiber Optics and Quadrax
Ethernet Network
Push-Pull Connectors
Quick connect disconnect Connectors
Harsh Environment Geophysical Connectors
Compact Circular Connectors
Compact Circular Connectors
Space Grade Connectors
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