Schaltbau C320 | AC and bidirectional DC contactors

21. September 2021

C320 – AC and bidirectional DC contactors up to 1,800 V Compact single-pole NO contactors for AC and DC (bidirectional) up to 1,800 V rated insulation voltage. Conventional thermal current up to 1,000 A; short-time current up to 5,000 A.


Souriau UTGX – Ruggedized connectors for harsh environments

22. January 2021

A versatile, ruggedized connector for industrial applications

  • 3 shell sizes (10, 12 and 14)
  • 24 different contact layouts
  • Intermateable and interchangeable with the future UTSX and UT0X series

PCU connectors serie for electrical power distribution

15. July 2020

Innovative circular connectors for electrical power distribution

  • 4 sizes of connectors (15, 17, 21 and 25) from 50A to 1000A 
  • 2 types of configurations: Single power pole or Mixed power and signal
  • 3 types of shells: aluminum (standard), Stainless Steel and Plastic (options)

Souriau REACH-compliant for aeronautics

12. March 2020

The goal of European REACH regulation is to improve health and environmental protection by banning the use of SVHC (Substance of Very High Concern) chemicals and at the same time promoting the competitiveness of the European Union's chemical industries. Souriau, like most manufacturers, uses hexavalent chromium, one of the substances listed as hazardous, in the surface treatment processes for many of its connectors. Although the European Chemicals Agency has granted derogations of up to 12 years depending on the application, Souriau wished to anticipate this deadline. Souriau's R&D has been working for several years on the implementation and validation of this change to its composite connectors, which affected both the products and the production lines. The first REACH connectors in the D38999 composite range were launched during 2019 and by next December, the entire range will be manufactured without the use of hexavalent chromium.

  • Series PCMDS80

Series PCMDS80 as Base Plate or Head Sink Version

22. July 2019

The DC/DC converters PCMDS80 from MTM Power® are specially designed as decentralised power supplies in vehicles and for supplying closed sub-systems in rolling stock applications. They are available with three wide input ranges thus enables the use of the converters on batteries with 24 to 100 V acc. EN 50 155. The converters are also suitable for use in industrial and telecommunication applications.