Schaltbau C320 | AC and bidirectional DC contactors

21. September 2021

C320 – AC and bidirectional DC contactors up to 1,800 V Compact single-pole NO contactors for AC and DC (bidirectional) up to 1,800 V rated insulation voltage. Conventional thermal current up to 1,000 A; short-time current up to 5,000 A.

C320K/1000 Ui up to 1,800 V, Ith = 1,000 A.

Design with blowout magnets and arcing chamber.

The C320 is a single-pole AC and bi-directional DC contactor in the power class up to 1,000 A. It ensures that high loads are switch-off safely and provides reliable protection in the event of a fault in the system.

Typical applications are the use as main contactor in battery management systems of high-voltage vehicle batteries, in charging stations for e-mobility, in battery test benches but also in the DC circuits of inverters of photovoltaic systems.

A very efficient ceramic arc chamber, double-break contacts and high breaking capacity are important features of the new contactor.


  • Compact dimensions – high rated insulation voltage Ui up to 1'800 volts
  • High making capacity Icm up to 4'000 amps and an excellent breaking capacity High thermal continuous current Ith of up to 1'000 amps and high rated short-time withstand current Icw up to 5'000 amps  
  • Full bidirectionality – safe disconnection of high power independent of the current flow direction
  • 4 auxiliary switches with mirror contact function for diagnosis and switching status monitoring
  • Low energy consumption and low heating thanks to sophisticated coil saving circuit

Specifications (preliminary data) 

  • C320K, C320S                          
  • Type of voltage                          DC bidirectional, AC (f ≤ 60 Hz)
  • Main contacts, configuration     1 NO
  • Rated operating voltage Ue      C320K: 1'500 V C320S: 60 V